Revised General Credit Card (GCC) Scheme


To increase the flow of credit to individuals for entrepreneurial activity in the non-farm sector, which is eligible for classification under the priority sector guidelines, by providing hassle free, timely and affordable credit through General Credit Card.


• Individuals engaged in the entrepreneurial activity in the non-farm Sector, which is eligible for classification under the priority sector guidelines.
• General Credit Card should not be extended to ACC & Weaver Mudra Scheme borrowers.
• The circularized KYC/ due diligence norms will be applicable for deciding eligible beneficiaries under the revised GCC scheme. With a view to bring the women beneficiaries under the fold of bank credit, a preferential treatment may be given to women under the revised GCC scheme.
• The borrowers should not be a loan defaulter of any bank/ branch.

Operational Area:

The scheme is applicable within the area of operation of the bank.

Nature of facility:

Credit facility extended under the scheme would include both working capital and term loan requirements of entrepreneurs. The credit limit shall be fixed based on the assessment of working capital requirements as well as cost of tools/ equipment and other fixed assets required for carrying out the activity. While evaluating working capital requirements, the norms adopted as per Nayak Committee recommendations (20% of anticipated turnover) to be kept in view.
The working capital portion of total limit sanctioned is to be utilized as revolving cash credit and will provide for any number of drawls and repayment within the limit. The operative levels shall fix a repayment schedule for the term loan portion availed for the purchase of tools and equipments with a maximum door to door tenor of five years, including the moratorium period.

Maximum Permissible limit including Term Loan component:

• Up to Rs.1.00 lakh for the purpose of non-farm entrepreneurial activity, which is otherwise classified under the priority sector.
• The limits shall be fixed on the basis of the working capital requirements of the prospective borrower on case to case basis subject to maximum of Rs.1.00 lakh.


Term Loans:
• No margin is required for loans upto Rs.50,000/-.
• 10% for loans above Rs.50,000/- & upto Rs.1.00 lakh.

For Working Capital:
• Minimum margin of 20% of working capital requirements.

Validity/ Renewal of Limits :

• The General Credit Card will normally be valid for 5 years subject to annual review.
• The review may result in continuation of the facility/ enhancement in the limit maximum up to Rs.1.00 lakh OR withdrawal of the facility, depending upon the performance of the borrower.
• For the purpose of annual review, the borrower is not required to submit any financial statement. However the borrower has to submit written request for renewal/ enhancement of the working capital limit on yearly basis.
• No processing charges shall be charged at the time of annual review/ renewal.

Moratorium in repayment of Term Loan component:

Maximum two months from the date of disbursement. However, interest during the moratorium period shall be served by the borrower on monthly basis.

Repayment of Term Loan:

Term Loan shall be repaid in Equated Monthly Installments after expiry of the moratorium period.

Door to Door Tenure

Maximum tenure will be 60 months including the maximum moratorium period of two months.

Upfront/ Processing charges:



Hypothecation of all the assets financed (including tools & equipments), raw material, semi-finished goods, finished goods & other current assets, etc.

No Collateral security is required.

* Conditions Apply