Debit Cards

The three variants of cards that are available for our customers are:

  • » Rupay Debit Card
  • » Rupay Kisan Card 
  • » RuPay PMJDY Debit Card


RuPay, a new card payment scheme launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has been conceived to fulfill RBI’s vision to offer a domestic, open-loop, multilateral system which will allow all Indian banks and financial institutions in India to participate in electronic payments.

RuPay is a combination of two words – Rupee and Payment. RuPay Card is an Indian version of credit/debit card. It is very similar to international cards such as Visa/Master.



  • Our Rupay Debit Cards are safe and secured with Magnetic Stripe, EMV Chip and PIN authentication
  • Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit is ₹40,000/- for Rupay Debit Cards & ₹25,000/- for Rupay Kisan Cards
  • Daily PoS/Online/E-com Limit is ₹40,000/- for Rupay Debit Cards & ₹25,000/- for Rupay Kisan Cards


  • Comprehensive Insurance Cover
  • Can access your funds 24 * 7 anywhere in India
  • Can be used at ATM, POS & E-com merchants in India
  • Exclusive Merchant Offers

How To Apply

  • To apply for RuPay Debit card, the customer can visit the JKGB branch where he/she holds an account


  • Visit any ATM in RuPay network for activating your Rupay Debit Card


  • For any issues, Please contact Help desk on 7051510170, 7051510173 or mail your queries on [email protected]
  • Toll Free Number-18005729964

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to apply for a RuPay Debit Card?
    To apply for RuPay Debit card, the customer can visit the JKGB branch where he/she holds an account
  • 2. What is the eligibility of availing RuPay Debit Card?
    a. Saving accounts/KCC accounts in individual capacity are eligible for issue of Card.
    b. In case of joint accounts, only such accounts permitted to be operated upon singly shall be eligible for issuance of Card.
    c. Accounts operated by joint signatures or account of a minor or an account in which a minor is a joint account holder shall not be eligible.
  • 3. Do I need to fill all the details mentioned in the Debit Card Application Form?
    You will have to fill all the necessary and mandatory details asked in the Debit Card application form for easy and quick processing or may experience delays in processing affected by the omission of information.
  • 4. Where can I use my RuPay Debit Card?
    RuPay Debit card can be used at any POS, ATM and E-com merchants in India.
  • 5. Can I use my Debit Card as soon as I receive it?
    Yes, use your ATM PIN to activate the card on any bank’s ATM.
  • 6. What is a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
    A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique numeric password you need to use an ATM.
  • 7. What is CVV number on RuPay debit card?
    The CVV Number ("Card Verification Value") is a 3 digit number on the backside of your debit card.
  • 8. I have not received my PIN with the Welcome Kit, how do I apply for the new PIN?
    The PIN is always sent separately to you for security reasons. In case if the same is not received, kindly contact your branch for reissuance of PIN.
  • 9. What do I do if my Debit Card is received in a damaged or tampered condition?
    You may return the Debit Card along with the Welcome Kit to your card issuing bank branch and inform your Issuing Bank by referring call to action details mentioned on the Kit.
  • 10. What is a Chip Debit Card?
    Chip Debit Cards come with an embedded microchip which provides additional security against counterfeiting / duplication of the card. It also provides an extra layer of security in the form of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You will be required to enter your 4-digit PIN on the terminal for transactions at merchant outlets.
  • 11. What should I do if I suspect a fraudulent activity on my Debit Card?
    If you suspect a fraudulent activity, then report the same to your branch immediately or call us at 0191-2490465 or 70515101-70/73. The card will be blocked instantly.
  • 12. What do I do if my Debit Card is lost or stolen?
    In the event that you lose your Debit Card, please report the loss to your branch for blocking the Card. You may also call us 0191-2490465 or 70515101-70/73.
  • 13. Do I have to use my PIN for all Debit Card transactions?
    Yes, PIN is required for all ATM and POS (Point of Sale) transactions. All Ecommerce transactions will be supported by OTP (One time Password) validation, which will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • 14. What all offers are available on my Debit Card?
    Please refer to NPCI website for all latest merchant related offers available on your Debit Card.
  • 15. What is the daily transaction limit for Debit cards at ATM & POS/ECOM?
    For Rupay Debit Card-
    At ATM: ₹40000/- per day
    POS/ECOM: ₹40000/- per day
    For Rupay Kisan Card- At ATM: ₹25000/- per day
    POS/ECOM: ₹25000/- per day
    For cash withdrawals at other bank ATMs, banks have decided to maintain a limit of Rs 10,000/- per transaction.
  • 16. Will I get SMS alerts for every transaction?
    Yes, provided correct mobile number is registered with bank
  • 17. Do banks levy any service charge for use of other bank ATMs?
    No charges are payable for using other banks' ATM for cash withdrawal and balance enquiry, as RBI has made it free under its "Free ATM access policy" since April 01, 2009. But banks can restrict the number of such free transactions to a maximum of five per month. For transactions beyond this number, banks charge maximum of Rs 21/- per transaction
  • 18. What should be done in case during the cash withdrawal process, cash is not disbursed by the machine but the account gets debited for the amount?
    The customer may lodge a complaint with the card issuing bank. This process is applicable even if the transaction was carried out at another banks ATM.
  • 19. How many days maximum would the bank require to re-credit the account for such wrong debits?
    As per the RBI instructions, banks may re-credit such wrongly debited amounts within a maximum period of 07 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  • 20. Are the customers eligible for compensation for delays beyond 12 working days?
    Effective from July 01, 2011, banks shall have to pay customers Rs 100/- per day for delays beyond 7 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint. This shall have to be credited to the account of the customer without any claim being made by the customer. Any customer is entitled to receive such compensation for delay, only if a claim is lodged with the issuing bank before 30 days of the date of transaction.
  • 21. In case the compensation is not credited as mandated, what recourse does the customer have?
    For all such complaints customer may lodge a complaint with the local Banking Ombudsman if the bank does not respond.
  • 22. What will happen to Debit Card on Expiry? Will I get a new Renewal Card?
    Your card will be active till the last day of the month of expiry. After expiry, you would have to apply for renewal of card.
  • 23. How do I apply for a Replacement Card?
    Visit your card issuing Bank branch for the issuance of Replacement Card.
  • 24. In case if I forget or lost my ATM PIN, how I re-generate a new PIN?
    Visit your card issuing Bank branch for the reissuance of PIN.
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