PCL (Consumption Loan For Professionals And Businessmen)


1. Professionals like Doctors (MBBS/BDS etc.) Engineers/Architects, CAs, MBAs, ICWAs, & Lawyers.
2. Businessmen/Traders.


For any personal need or to meet any unexpected expenditure

Amount of Loan:

30 months net monthly income or Rs.5.00 lacs whichever is lower. (The income can be assessed/ verified from the latest Income Tax Assessment order or certificate from a Tehsildar/ qualified Chartered Accountant)



Processing Charges

0.50% of loan amount


The loan along with interest thereon would be repayable in 60 equal monthly installments.


Third party guarantee of one person having sound financial net means good for the loan amount

Dealings with our Bank:

Minimum one year satisfactory dealings with our Bank in case of Businessmen/Traders only

* Conditions Apply